Hiring professional dryer vent cleaners can do so much for your HVAC system. For starters, it will lower your electric bill and possibly prevent fires. Don’t ever think that cleaning your dryer vent is the same as clearing out the lint trap. If you do, then you’re gravely mistaken.

Dryer vent cleaning isn’t the nicest tasks to do. So, hiring professional cleaners is worth the investment. With improving efficiency and shorter drying time, you’re getting your full money’s worth. Moreover, cleaning dryer vents of lint and other debris helps deter potential fires as well as similar hazards.

When to Get Your Dryer Vents Cleaned

If you aren’t sure if you need dryer vent cleaning, the telltale signs that you do are listed below. It is time to hire the pros if you experience the following things:

1. Clothes fail to dry completely after a normal cycle.

When your dryer is fully working, then your clothes will dry up in the usual time frame required. If that fails to happen, then there is something wrong with your dryer. It’s also possible that the dryer vents require cleaning.

2. Musty smell on the clothes.

The musty smell on your clothes is another tell-tale sign that the dryer vent is not as clean as it once has been. Lint causes that musty smell so you have to take it out from the dryer vents so your clothes will smell fresh again.

3. Clothes are unusually hot when touched.

It’s normal for the clothes to feel a little hot after putting it inside the dryer. However, if it feels scalding hot, then it can only mean that the dryer is working extra hard to extract water from your clothes. It may be because the vents are dirty and the hot air fails to clear out as it should.

4. There are large quantities of lint accumulating lint trap of the dryer.

Surely, if you see lint on your newly washed and dried clothes, it can only mean one thing. The lint trap is overloaded and it has to be cleared. You need to clean the dryer vents regularly to properly care for your clothes, among many other benefits.

5. It takes longer for the clothes to dry.

Usually, your clothes will only need 35 minutes for it to dry completely. If you have been tumbling your clothes in the dryer for way longer than that, then there’s could be a problem with the system. But you might want to have the dryer vents cleaned before doing anything else.

6. Dryer vent cover flap fails to close properly.

If this is the case, then high are the chances that the dryer vent is overloaded with lint. They have to be removed as lint is hazardous. They may possibly catch fire when the dryer gets too hot, especially when it’s overworked. If ever you need dryer cleaning services, don’t hesitate to call the experts in dryer vent cleaning Troy MI. They can help you in making sure that your dryers are working optimally and that your family is safe from possible fire.