A safe, comfortable and healthy home is powered by a reliable and efficient heating system. Periodic maintenance of the HVAC system, more particularly the furnace is crucial in keeping your home utterly comfortable even if the harshest winter comes along.

But sometimes, even a well-kept furnace will break down in one way or the other. While your furnace system hasn’t completely halted its operation, you have to watch out for indications that there is something wrong with the system. Schedule those repairs earlier than expected to save yourself from the possibility of going through the winter without a working furnace. Here are some of the signs that you should watch out for:

1. High electric bill

An increase in your electric bill is usually a sign that your furnace is no longer working efficiently. This usually happens as furnaces age and when they are not maintained very well. It is, therefore, necessary to check your bills regularly to ensure that your furnace is not causing a spike in your electric bill because it is working extra hard to heat up your home. To help you with furnace repair, hire a specialist. The experts in Furnace repair Keego Harbor MI have equipment and expertise necessary to diagnose the problem with your furnace and provide the best solution for it.

2. Broken thermostat

Another telltale sign that your furnace needs repair is when the thermostat seems to stop working. It means that even if you try to turn up the heat, nothing seems to happen. It could be a malfunction on the thermostat alone or it could be some other problem. Call qualified HVAC technicians to help you solve the issue as fast as possible, regardless if the malfunction is related to electrical problems or faulty equipment.

3. Yellow flame

When your furnace works properly, it will emit a bluish flame. When it shifts to yellow, then it’s possibly due to a carbon monoxide leak, which is very hazardous if you also inhale it. If you see yellow flames, having a specialist come over and examine your furnace. He should also provide a solution to the problem and prevent any future danger.

4. Strange Noises

Among the most prominent indications that your furnace requires repairs are weird noises. If you hear any strange sounds like knocking, cracking, screeching, humming, or popping, then those are warning signs that you should never ignore. You might have to replace some internal parts or worse, you might need the whole system replaced.

5. Gas Smells

Older furnaces are at the higher risk of having some cracks inside, particularly on the heat exchanger. If you smell gas leakage, immediately shut down the unit and call skilled HVAC technicians right away.

6. Dusty home

If the furnace isn’t working properly, then you’ll notice an abnormal increase in the dust floating in the air. If you’re unsure if the problem is caused by the furnace, then call an expert right away.  The presence of dust shouldn’t be ignored because they can cause a range of health problems such as allergies and asthma.