Adequate knowledge about cleaning those air ducts is necessary to keep your home safe and healthy. While it was never shown that duct cleaning can effectively prevent health, issues, studies show that dirt particles in households are mostly due to filthy air ducts. A lot of dust adheres to the walls of the duct and they may or may not enter your living space.

Even so, it is highly possible that those dirty air ducts are the source of dust and dirt contamination in your home. While pollutants can also enter your house from the doors and windows, the dust and dirt in your air ducts play a huge factor as well.

When to Clean Air Ducts

You should clean your home’s air ducts if you notice substantial mold growth in any part of your house. Today’s technology can help you determine the presence of mold in your home, particularly in your cooling and heating system.

Many parts of your cooling and heating system aren’t user-accessible. For that, you have to hire the experts in air duct cleaning Livonia MI to help you do some tests. Some substances resemble mold, but they aren’t. Only the professionals can help you determine if it really is and they provide the necessary solution for it.

What to Do with Dirty Air Ducts

There are also a few microbiology labs operating these days that can test a sample you brought to them for a nominal amount. That way, you’ll also know what kind of mold is infesting your home. If your air ducts are insulated and it gets wet and moldy, washing alone won’t be able to fix it.

Sometimes, the infestation is so intense that the only solution is to have the affected parts replaced. The thing is, if the mold is not addressed the right way, they will only come back and thrive again.  You should also call in the experts to clean your ducts if you notice that there are rodents, insects, and vermin building their nest inside it. Ducts that are clogged with high quantities of dirt and debris should also be cleaned as these are going to be released back to your home through the supply registers.

When to Hire the Experts

There are more than one underlying cause if any of the above circumstances exist. These triggers must be fixed before you get your ducts cleaned, retrofitted or replaced. Otherwise, the problem may just recur.

Studies show that cleaning all other major parts your HVAC system will greatly help. Examples of such parts are the cooling coils, heat exchangers, and fans. Doing so will enhance your system’s efficiency, leading to long years of operation. You’ll also save a lot on your energy bill and maintenance costs.

If you have problems with your HVAC system or just the air ducts, it is best that you seek the help of the experts for further assistance. They can guide you towards the resolution of any problem you have and may even provide you with tips on how to prevent the same issues later on.