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Get the latest most up to date videos and book on athletic walking. Created by Jeff Salvage, this book and video series will help you with improving your walking workout by teaching you all the techniques involved in great walking style. Walk Like an Athlete is great whether your goal is fun, fitness, or competition.

"Walk Like an Athlete explains athletic walking for both the beginner and experienced walker alike." Michelle Rohl, two time Olympian and American Record Holder at 5K and 10K

"I was a 64 year old overweight and injured non-athlete. Using the techniques in Walk Like an Athlete, I am now an energetic, "younger", competitive 71 year old athlete." Walter Hawrys

"Walk Like an Athlete's step by step diagrams, make it easy to incorporate the author's walking techniques, stretches, and exercises into an athletic walking program, even for people who are just starting to exercise", Howard "Jake" Jacobson, Fitness Editor, New York Post & Director of the Walkers Club of America, and coach to Olympians.

Walk Like an Athlete has been written for people who wish to learn how they can enhance their walking exercise program, but not necessarily to compete. This book is a reflection of more than 40 years of involvement with race walking and athletics. Distilled into an easily accessible guide, this experience will help transform anyone from a recreational walker into an athletic walker. In addition to a step by step approach to athletic walking, Walk Like an Athlete completes the picture with guidance in stretching, nutrition, and injury treatment.

Walk Like an Athlete contains approximately 140 pages & 100 diagrams. It is a must have for walkers of all skill levels.


Whether you are a beginning fitness walker or a competitive race walker, the Walk Like an Athlete video will help you achieve a greater sense of health, fitness, and flexibility for now and the rest of your life

Jeff Salvage works with our future Olympians as the United States Track Team's Junior National Race Walking Coordinator. He has competed internationally and coaches aspiring athletes to do the same. Equally important is that Jeff uses his knowledge of race walking to coach countless recreational walkers on how to improve their walking workouts.

Jeff's step by step approach is clear and easy to follow.

Volume I: Athletic Walking Technique


  • Foot Placement
  • Posture
  • Arm Carriage
  • Hip Movements
  • Common Mistakes
  • Ways to Walk Faster

    Approximate Run Time: 21 minutes
    Copyright 1997, Walking Promotions

    "Walk Like an Athlete's revolutionary split-screen demonstrations, slow motion, and computer enhancements show more clearly than ever the nuances of great walking technique," Maggie Spilner, Prevention Magazine, Walking Editor

    "Jeff Salvage is one of the true motivators and doers in our sport of race walking," Elaine Ward, North American Race Walk Foundation

    Volume II: Flexibility and Technique Drills


    • Static Stretches
    • Dynamic Stretches
    • Strength Exercises

    All specifically aimed at improving the mobility, flexibility, and strength of your muscles and joints used in walking. Approximate Run Time: 21 minutes
    Copyright 1998, Walking Promotions

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