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The Importance of Cleaning Air Ducts

Adequate knowledge about cleaning those air ducts is necessary to keep your home safe and healthy. While it was never shown that duct cleaning can effectively prevent health, issues, studies show that dirt particles in households are mostly due to filthy air ducts. A lot of dust adheres to the walls of the duct and they may or may not enter your living space.

Even so, it is highly possible that those dirty air ducts are the source of dust and dirt contamination in your home. While pollutants can also enter your house from the doors and windows, the dust and dirt in your air ducts play a huge factor as well.

When to Clean Air Ducts

You should clean your home’s air ducts if you notice substantial mold growth in any part of your house. Today’s technology can help you determine the presence of mold in your home, particularly in your cooling and heating system.

Many parts of your cooling and heating system aren’t user-accessible. For that, you have to hire the experts in air duct cleaning Livonia MI to help you do some tests. Some substances resemble mold, but they aren’t. Only the professionals can help you determine if it really is and they provide the necessary solution for it.

What to Do with Dirty Air Ducts

There are also a few microbiology labs operating these days that can test a sample you brought to them for a nominal amount. That way, you’ll also know what kind of mold is infesting your home. If your air ducts are insulated and it gets wet and moldy, washing alone won’t be able to fix it.

Sometimes, the infestation is so intense that the only solution is to have the affected parts replaced. The thing is, if the mold is not addressed the right way, they will only come back and thrive again.  You should also call in the experts to clean your ducts if you notice that there are rodents, insects, and vermin building their nest inside it. Ducts that are clogged with high quantities of dirt and debris should also be cleaned as these are going to be released back to your home through the supply registers.

When to Hire the Experts

There are more than one underlying cause if any of the above circumstances exist. These triggers must be fixed before you get your ducts cleaned, retrofitted or replaced. Otherwise, the problem may just recur.

Studies show that cleaning all other major parts your HVAC system will greatly help. Examples of such parts are the cooling coils, heat exchangers, and fans. Doing so will enhance your system’s efficiency, leading to long years of operation. You’ll also save a lot on your energy bill and maintenance costs.

If you have problems with your HVAC system or just the air ducts, it is best that you seek the help of the experts for further assistance. They can guide you towards the resolution of any problem you have and may even provide you with tips on how to prevent the same issues later on.

How to Know If You Need Furnace Repair

A safe, comfortable and healthy home is powered by a reliable and efficient heating system. Periodic maintenance of the HVAC system, more particularly the furnace is crucial in keeping your home utterly comfortable even if the harshest winter comes along.

But sometimes, even a well-kept furnace will break down in one way or the other. While your furnace system hasn’t completely halted its operation, you have to watch out for indications that there is something wrong with the system. Schedule those repairs earlier than expected to save yourself from the possibility of going through the winter without a working furnace. Here are some of the signs that you should watch out for:

1. High electric bill

An increase in your electric bill is usually a sign that your furnace is no longer working efficiently. This usually happens as furnaces age and when they are not maintained very well. It is, therefore, necessary to check your bills regularly to ensure that your furnace is not causing a spike in your electric bill because it is working extra hard to heat up your home. To help you with furnace repair, hire a specialist. The experts in Furnace repair Keego Harbor MI have equipment and expertise necessary to diagnose the problem with your furnace and provide the best solution for it.

2. Broken thermostat

Another telltale sign that your furnace needs repair is when the thermostat seems to stop working. It means that even if you try to turn up the heat, nothing seems to happen. It could be a malfunction on the thermostat alone or it could be some other problem. Call qualified HVAC technicians to help you solve the issue as fast as possible, regardless if the malfunction is related to electrical problems or faulty equipment.

3. Yellow flame

When your furnace works properly, it will emit a bluish flame. When it shifts to yellow, then it’s possibly due to a carbon monoxide leak, which is very hazardous if you also inhale it. If you see yellow flames, having a specialist come over and examine your furnace. He should also provide a solution to the problem and prevent any future danger.

4. Strange Noises

Among the most prominent indications that your furnace requires repairs are weird noises. If you hear any strange sounds like knocking, cracking, screeching, humming, or popping, then those are warning signs that you should never ignore. You might have to replace some internal parts or worse, you might need the whole system replaced.

5. Gas Smells

Older furnaces are at the higher risk of having some cracks inside, particularly on the heat exchanger. If you smell gas leakage, immediately shut down the unit and call skilled HVAC technicians right away.

6. Dusty home

If the furnace isn’t working properly, then you’ll notice an abnormal increase in the dust floating in the air. If you’re unsure if the problem is caused by the furnace, then call an expert right away.  The presence of dust shouldn’t be ignored because they can cause a range of health problems such as allergies and asthma.

Do You Need Dryer Vent Cleaning?

Hiring professional dryer vent cleaners can do so much for your HVAC system. For starters, it will lower your electric bill and possibly prevent fires. Don’t ever think that cleaning your dryer vent is the same as clearing out the lint trap. If you do, then you’re gravely mistaken.

Dryer vent cleaning isn’t the nicest tasks to do. So, hiring professional cleaners is worth the investment. With improving efficiency and shorter drying time, you’re getting your full money’s worth. Moreover, cleaning dryer vents of lint and other debris helps deter potential fires as well as similar hazards.

When to Get Your Dryer Vents Cleaned

If you aren’t sure if you need dryer vent cleaning, the telltale signs that you do are listed below. It is time to hire the pros if you experience the following things:

1. Clothes fail to dry completely after a normal cycle.

When your dryer is fully working, then your clothes will dry up in the usual time frame required. If that fails to happen, then there is something wrong with your dryer. It’s also possible that the dryer vents require cleaning.

2. Musty smell on the clothes.

The musty smell on your clothes is another tell-tale sign that the dryer vent is not as clean as it once has been. Lint causes that musty smell so you have to take it out from the dryer vents so your clothes will smell fresh again.

3. Clothes are unusually hot when touched.

It’s normal for the clothes to feel a little hot after putting it inside the dryer. However, if it feels scalding hot, then it can only mean that the dryer is working extra hard to extract water from your clothes. It may be because the vents are dirty and the hot air fails to clear out as it should.

4. There are large quantities of lint accumulating lint trap of the dryer.

Surely, if you see lint on your newly washed and dried clothes, it can only mean one thing. The lint trap is overloaded and it has to be cleared. You need to clean the dryer vents regularly to properly care for your clothes, among many other benefits.

5. It takes longer for the clothes to dry.

Usually, your clothes will only need 35 minutes for it to dry completely. If you have been tumbling your clothes in the dryer for way longer than that, then there’s could be a problem with the system. But you might want to have the dryer vents cleaned before doing anything else.

6. Dryer vent cover flap fails to close properly.

If this is the case, then high are the chances that the dryer vent is overloaded with lint. They have to be removed as lint is hazardous. They may possibly catch fire when the dryer gets too hot, especially when it’s overworked. If ever you need dryer cleaning services, don’t hesitate to call the experts in dryer vent cleaning Troy MI. They can help you in making sure that your dryers are working optimally and that your family is safe from possible fire.

How to Find the Ideal HVAC System for Your Home

You have to choose an HVAC system based where you want to place it, its size, volume, and characteristics. Homeowners want to enjoy comfort in their home, but they don’t want to trade comfort with peace and quiet either. Your HVAC unit shouldn’t drown out the sounds you create in your home or disturb you in your sleep at night. Know how to choose the quietest HVAC system for your home so you won’t compromise quality with functionality.

Understanding the Noise of HVAC Systems

HVAC systems are given decibel ratings that correspond to the sound or noise it produces. The lower such a rating is, the quieter the system is. It is essential to know the decibel rating of every HVAC model and brand when you’re comparing which system to buy. Most individuals feel that noise is a major consideration when it comes to HVAC system but they don’t really understand what the rating really means. Here’s a guide:

1. 50 dB rating

If the HVAC system has a noise rating of 50 dB, then the sound it makes is comparable to the quiet conversations that you do at home. This is a good number if you’re looking for an HVAC system that works quietly.

2. 60 dB rating

The 60 dB noise rating is somehow equivalent to the volume of conversations done at restaurants. When you talk in a restaurant, your voice is much louder than you would at home because of all the background noise and other people talking at the same time.

3. 70 dB rating

A 70 dB noise rating is regarded as annoyingly loud. You can compare it to the noise created by a vacuum cleaner. If your HVAC system has this rating, you can expect it to work a little louder than you might have expected it.

4. 80 dB rating

Some bigger HVAC systems have a noise rating of 80 dB. If this is what you have, then you can compare the sound it makes to that of running the garbage disposal. This one’s too loud for comfort, especially if you’re installing it inside or near your home.

By now you should understand what the noise ratings mean whenever you see it on the specifications of an HVAC system. Then the best value for you is 60 dB and below, regardless of its size. Even so, there are features that can further reduce the sound of your system.

Why HVAC Systems are Noisy

In order to reduce the noise emitted by your HVAC system, you should first know why it’s so loud all along. An HVAC system is a rather complex machine with lots of moving parts. These parts move and shake, producing a lot of vibrations when it’s running. Such noises are usually connected with the fan’s movements. Fans are the most common cause of a noisy HVAC system.

Your HVAC system will also at the highest decibel during extreme weather conditions. This is because it has to work extra hard to keep the indoor temperature stable. Other noises, such as leaves and debris getting into the HVAC system, can also add to the noise. If you need any help in reducing the sound of your HVAC system, then hire an expert in heating and cooling Birmingham MI.

Why You Should Go to a Dry Bar Instead of a Salon?

Dry bars, which are also referred to as blow dry bars, are salon services that are not concerned about cuts or colors. Here, stylists will wash your hair and then blow-dry it to make it look perfect. This way, you don’t have to cut your hair just to make it look stunning. If you go for the dry bar service, you’ll have that straight and sleek hair, bouncy curls, or beach waves as you want it.

There are many reasons why you’ll settle for a dry bar instead of a full salon service. Here is a list of those reasons and there surely are a whole lot more. The most common ones though are the following:

1. Dry bar services are cheaper than a haircut.

Cuts cost anywhere from $50 to $70 in high-end salons. But a blowout can lose as low as $20. If you’re thinking about your budget, you should seriously consider going to a dry bar to possibly save on costs.

2. Fast services.

Trimming and coloring are among the highly time-consuming services in a salon. If you go to a dry bar instead, you’ll be out in half the time. That means a 2-hour salon service will only take an hour if you go to the dry bar and use their alternative services instead.

3. No commitments required.

If you want to change the way that you look for an event, party, or date night, it is best that you go for a dry bar, especially if you don’t want to overboard. A haircut and new hair color are almost semi-permanent, or at least you’ll deal with them for months. With a dry bar, your look will stay for just a day or two.

4. Braids are difficult to do.

If you ever tried braiding your hair, you’d know how difficult the feat is. You’ll have to section your hair perfectly and twine them together. It’s difficult to braid somebody else’s hair. It’s twice as tough doing it on your own tresses. If you go to a reputable dry bar Utica MI, then you’ll get the results that you want.

Updos and Hairstyles in Dry Bars

Most dry bars do simple braids and updos, although there are times when they charge extra for these services. At dry bars, you simply have to choose what kind of hairdo you’ll wear. Choose from fishtail braids, waterfall weaves, and crown braids as you want it. Knowing that there are professionals who can help you with your braids and updos, would you still do them yourself?

When you are ready to get that sophisticated hairstyle, then it’s time to try a dry bar. In there, you can get a beautiful bun quite easily. You can also get updo that is perfect for casual events and even weddings. If you’re ready to get beautiful, then you’ll enjoy the services of a dry bar than a traditional salon. Now is the best time to try their new and exciting services, especially if you don’t want to simply update but not change the way that you look.