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Welcome to WalkingHealthy.com

This site is dedicated to help you maximize your walking workout while using proper technique and having fun along the way. WalkingHealthy.com is geared to the non-competitive athlete if you are interested in competitive race walking, please visit our sister site www.racewalk.com.

Our approach is simple, forget the fad diets, instead learn to walk more athletically.  By doing so you will:

  • be more dynamic than pedestrian walking or slow jogging

  • involve your major body movements, working your arms, legs and hips

  • gain greater health benefits than most people realize

  • lose more weight

  • improve your cardiovascular conditioning

  • improve muscle tone

  • increase your range of motion

We invite you to explore the many free pages of educational material that include how to pick your shoes, warm up, walk with efficient technique, cool down, strength train, and treat minor injuries.

While the free material is an excellent way to start, please visit our on-line shop for the best books and videos available. Purchases from the shop are the sole support for this free on-line resource. 

Jeff Salvage
Web Master